The Coventry Teachers’ Federal Credit Union will differentiate itself as a market-driven, member responsive provider of financial services: as such, we will place an especially high premium on quality in the development, presentation and delivery of products and services. 

  1. The credit union will execute the marketing strategy that identifies membership and responds to the unique characteristics, strengths, and needs of our members within our common bond. The credit union will not attempt to be all things to all people. 

  2. The credit union will foster an organizational culture that stresses the importance of the member with responsiveness and quality in all that we do. 

  3. An ongoing effort will be maintained to provide product and service innovations and modifications in those areas where we choose to differentiate ourselves. Product and service will be of paramount importance. 

  4. All credit union member services will be continually monitored to ensure that we are customer focused, concentrating on addressing the needs of our members, rather than the requirements of particular systems, operational policies and/or procedures.

  5. We will make a deliberate effort to continually and carefully listen to our members in order to determine what they think about our products and services and their changing needs and expectations. 

  6. We will ensure that our systems policies, procedures and methods are fully supportive of our member service objectives: such as fast, efficient, member responsiveness. 

  7. We will provide adequate numbers of highly trained credit union professionals to respond in a timely fashion to member needs and wants. 

  8. Our facilities will be efficient, adequate in terms of space, maintained in a professionally attractive manner, and provided with all convenience features appropriate to location and membership.